My Home Setup

The entire environment that I have setup at home is based on Ganeti for Clustered Virtualization. The picture below is of the custom built computer room in the basement. The servers are in the left rack with the networking gear in the right. The top twp HP DL360 G6’s are hosting all of the 20 virtual machines that I have running. The bottom two SuperMicro servers are custom built to store data and the top one run 247 for my Plex server while the second has a mirror copy which comes online once a month to ensure its data is in sync.

Server Room

The DL 360’s have 96GB and two Intel Xeon processors and as much disk as I could fit in them. The two homemade media and backup servers are using SuperMicro cases, with a Gigabyte motherboard with 24GB of RAM and a desktop Core i7 processor. Each machine has at least 4Gb/s connections to the network and are all teamed to allow for maximum bandwith utilization.

The network gear consists of an old HP DL360 G5 running pfSense 2.3 for firewalling, routing and intrusion prevention. There are three Extreme Networks switches, the top two are Extreme 400-48T switches wich have 48x1Gb/s ports and are stacked together to provide redundancy and a single managment point. The bottom switch is an Extreme Networks 200-24T with 24x100Mb/s ports used for managment ports on the UPS’s and iLo on the HP servers.

This is a list of all the different things that I am running:

Thanks for reading!